Sigmund Freud said that all of our actions are based on a single event from our past that defined us but that is so deeply repressed we have no memory of it.

I think Trump can be explained by 9/11.

At that point, we were all one. Everyone felt together. We all went to the right, not just because Bush was president but because when a nation is attacked, everyone moves towards right-wing nationalism.

But Liberals got over it. We realized it was only a small percentage of Muslims who were willing to die to kill us. So we resisted the Iraq War. And that was what was so unforgivable. We chose “The Ones Who Attacked Us” over Daddy President.

Republicans will deny it now. But that’s because 72% of the population was for the Iraq War and now 71% are now against it.

But that’s what caused the polarization. They will say it’s over economics or abortion or whatever, but what really drives the culture war is ACTUAL WAR. What caused the culture war in the 60s? Vietnam. What caused the culture war of the 2000s? Iraq.

I was just arguing with a Republican over Vietnam. He served in Vietnam himself but he was trying to act like “Democrats” had started the war, as if the culture war was Right-Wing Hippies vs. Left-Wing Patriots. Yes, of course, Kennedy and Johnson started the war, but Nixon is the one who killed Johnson’s peace deal and kept it going past the point when we knew there was no such thing as winning. It’s the same mentality as Republicans blaming Hillary for Iraq when they were the ones pushing it long after everyone knew there was no such thing as winning that one as well. They’re in full denial because it’s been repressed.

Southpark on Trump:

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