Defending the Time Lord Goddess

Dawkin's Ishtar-Eostre picture

4/26/14: Update Below

So the Richard Dawkins Foundation posted a picture on Facebook identifying Ishtar as the goddess that Easter was named after. Assuming that the original author of the picture meant that Ishtar was the earliest form of the Easter goddess, it implicitly identified Eostre, the Western fertility goddess that Easter is named after, with Ishtar, the Eastern goddess whose Mesopotamian and Anatolian dying-and-rising cult is centered around Christmas and Easter. This caused a lot of people to think they finally caught Mr. Smarter Than Religion in a huge blunder, although Dawkins himself does not control the Facebook page. A Germanic goddess and a Middle Eastern goddess? How could there be any relationship between those two?

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Mythicists and the Biblical Scholars Who Hate Them

This is a response to “”Jesus Never Existed” – How Do We Respond?”:

I always find it funny when someone starts off by attacking mythicists as fringe conspiracy theorists — or even better: blasphemers — and then, immediately afterwards, start crying about how mythicists are a bunch of big meanies who (surprise, surprise!) respond to personal insults with personal insults of their own.

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