Mythicists and the Biblical Scholars Who Hate Them

This is a response to “”Jesus Never Existed” – How Do We Respond?”:

I always find it funny when someone starts off by attacking mythicists as fringe conspiracy theorists — or even better: blasphemers — and then, immediately afterwards, start crying about how mythicists are a bunch of big meanies who (surprise, surprise!) respond to personal insults with personal insults of their own.

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GAO: Two Out of Three Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes

“Two out of every three United States corporations paid no federal income taxes from 1998 through 2005, according to a report released Tuesday by the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress.”

“Using their own words in documents subpoenaed by the Subcommittee, the report discloses how financial firms deliberately took advantage of their clients and investors, how credit rating agencies assigned AAA ratings to high risk securities, and how regulators sat on their hands instead of reining in the unsafe and unsound practices all around them.”

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William Kristol Writes His Last Article

The protige son of Prof. Neo-Con has finally been let go from the New York Times.

“Kristol claims government is inefficient, ineffective, and bad, gets a bunch of his buddies elected, and proves it. He also rails against the MSM, claims they can’t get their facts straight, gets a job at the NY Times, and proves it.”

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