The Trump Presidency: Week One

Dr. Seuss drawing

Chaos at the airports. A ban on Muslims. Legal U.S. residents being denied entry. Scientists gagged. One mosque shot up and another one burned to the ground. The FBI and Russia working together to propagate fake news to turn an election (just as the Russians also invented “Climategate” with an illegal hack) even though they wanted to go to war with Russia when Obama was in office. Five top chairs, including the SEC, being filled with Goldman Sachs guys after Cruz and Hillary were accused of being controlled by them. Tax cuts and deregulation for Big Pharma after promising renegotiation of prices. Social Security it back on the chopping block after he promised to save it. His slimeball race-monger propagandist who admittedly follows “Satan” and “darkness” for “power”, yet calls on the “faith militant” to fight against the “children of barbarity”, is being put on the Security Council after talking about advancing the war in the Middle East last November. Giant federal land giveaway. The Mexican president cancelled his meeting with Trump set for next week after Trump attacked him on Twitter. The wall is supposedly going to be paid for by Americans through a 20% tariff on Mexican goods. The guy who was going to cut the entire department maintaining the nukes but couldn’t remember it on his 3-point list is now in control of the nukes. A trillion dollar infrastructure plan that involves big business privatization when the Tea Party who elected him was about stopping any spending back when there was 10% employment. And we’re going to pay for that with a 20% cut on corporate taxes, because you know, Supply Side something something. And every Republican is now for all the things they used to be against because Trump is doing it.

Anders Breivik Was a More Effective Terrorist Than All Recent Radical Muslims Combined

Anders Breivik

Back in November 2010, a friend of mine from Portland sent me a CNN article about 19-year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud being arrested for trying to detonate a bomb at Christmas celebration there. The subject heading was “close to home.” But the thing was, there was never any explosives. The entire plot was actually concocted by the FBI: the only thing Mohamud did was push the button thinking it was bomb. Entrapment is illegal but there’s a quick way around it: if you rope a dope in and then give him a choice to commit a crime or something else, then it’s all right. The FBI claims that they gave this guy 5 choices other than launching a terrorist attack, including prayer, but strangely enough, the recording of that proof is gone due to “technical difficulties.”

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The Friesian Correspondence: Letter 5: Fred Singer and the “Jihad Victory Mosque”

Fred Singer
Fred Singer, science contrarian

Last year I posted four exchanges I had with Dr. Kelley Ross, operator of the philosophy website He’s probably one of the more interesting people I’ve argued with because unlike most right-wingers, he’s an academic who has a good sense of history when he isn’t blindly supporting right-wing revisionism. Since he isn’t very famous, he’s probably the few people who bothers to reply to email, but even if I could get answers back from Fox News personalities or whatever, I doubt they would be anywhere near as entertaining. Wingnut cranks spewing political disinformation is a dime a dozen, but wingnut cranks spewing historical disinformation is a rare gem to be taken out and mocked in public. I suppose it isn’t too much crazier than the stuff that comes from Fox News, which he obviously takes a lot of inspiration, but it’s definitely more conspiratorial and grandiose:

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Why Newt?

Romney Machine

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to figure out why the Tea party was going back to “Moon U-Newt” Gingrich after a quick fling with Santorum. It turned out the revelation from his wife that was supposed to end him wasn’t that sensational from a secular perspective: he wanted an “open marraige.” But since we already knew he had told his wife to just deal with it before, the only real difference is Newt wasn’t so much of an asshole that he also demanded his wife be faithful to him while he slept with other women. But I could see where she would think that would sink him with Christian conservatives: cheating on your wife is an easily forgivable sin while having an open marriage is openly adopting the same secular lifestyle Newt rampages against (when he isn’t making completely-prescient remarks about Saul Alinsky).

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