Anders Breivik Was a More Effective Terrorist Than All Recent Radical Muslims Combined

Anders Breivik

Back in November 2010, a friend of mine from Portland sent me a CNN article about 19-year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud being arrested for trying to detonate a bomb at Christmas celebration there. The subject heading was “close to home.” But the thing was, there was never any explosives. The entire plot was actually concocted by the FBI: the only thing Mohamud did was push the button thinking it was bomb. Entrapment is illegal but there’s a quick way around it: if you rope a dope in and then give him a choice to commit a crime or something else, then it’s all right. The FBI claims that they gave this guy 5 choices other than launching a terrorist attack, including prayer, but strangely enough, the recording of that proof is gone due to “technical difficulties.”

The timing seemed deliberate. People had gotten really pissed off at the new TSA body scans and body searches that suddenly appeared just as everyone was flying around for Thanksgiving. So what do you think would make people shut up and start letting the government do what it wants? Easiest thing to do is jump up and shout “Terrorist!” The FBI was probably roping this guy along for months, holding him for a rainy day, then when they started feeling the heat from the airport scans, they finally set him up to do a “terrorist mission,” arrested him, and then “lost” the recording which proved they hadn’t entrapped him. His “Jihad diary” portrayed him to be a sexually confused teenager who felt guilty because he sometimes didn’t avert his eyes from women and that he was so horny he wanted to get married but didn’t have the money or social acceptance for it. And although the FBI didn’t actually stop an actual terrorist plot, they did inspire one against the boy’s mosque.

Now let’s look at some of the latest Muslim terrorists besides him. There’s the underwear bomber whose “bomb” only lit his crotch on fire and couldn’t have possibly brought the plane down. There’s the Times Square Bomber who locked himself out his car bomb, which didn’t explode because he used firecrackers and non-explosive fertilizer. In 2009, 13 days after 9/11, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, a 19-year old Jordanian citizen, tried to place a fake bomb at a Dallas skyscraper only to find out it was also a dud and everyone else in his sleeper cell was actually an FBI agent. Two months later there was the Fort Hood shooter, who got all his weapons from the army base he was stationed at. In Oct. 2010, Farooque Ahmed, a 34-year-old naturalized American citizen born in Pakistan, was arrested and charged with plotting to bomb the Washington Metro, but again the only plotting he did was what FBI agents instructed him to do. Imtiaz Khan, the president of the Islamic Center of Portland and Masjed As-Saber, a mosque where Mr. Mohamud worshiped, said several people at the mosque had questioned why law enforcement helped orchestrate such an elaborate plan for a terrorist act. “They’re saying, ‘Why allow it to get to this public stunt? To put the community on edge?’” On Sept. 28 2011, 17 days after 9/11, Rezwan Ferdaus was arrested after the FBI spent months providing him with plans even more elaborate than the last one: materials to attack the Pentagon, American troops in Iraq, and possibly the Capitol Building using “remote-controlled” model airplanes carrying explosives. If all this is just a fake, why make up such a ridiculously complicated terrorist plot? Because the fact that the whole thing was fake was conveniently left out by most of the media that promotes the War on Terror.

Then there was the plot from a 56-year-old failed used car salesman from Texas, Mansour Arbabsiar, who paid a Mexican drug cartel agent/U.S. double agent (is that a little too lucky to be suspicious?) $100,000 to kill a Saudi ambassador in the United States. This plot was supposedly linked to Iran’s Quds force but experts questioned why an Iranian military force would send a used car salesman to be their point-man in a complicated Iranian-Mexican conspiracy when it would be much easier and less politically damaging to kill him elsewhere. Some news articles claim Arbabsiar was plotting to blow up a restaurant, but the records clearly show he only wanted the Saudi ambassador to be assassinated but was convinced by the FBI that a bomb would be needed to ensure his death. That way, readers who don’t care about the lives of an Arabian could get upset that this Iranian guy was going to kill innocent American lives in his barbaric objectives the same way Obama is killing innocent people in Pakistan and Yemen to “make us safe” from terrorists.

In all of these cases, it seems like we are led to believe one of two things. Either, 1) The FBI is so totally kick-ass that it is instantly there in disguise the minute a Muslim terrorist decides to attack the U.S. and is able to divert his primary plans of destruction towards a safer plan that they are in complete control of, or 2) the FBI is targeting young impressionable Muslims who are angry at the U.S. government for our corrupt, perpetual wars against the Middle East into taking the important step from dream to reality by enlisting them into highly complicated, completely pre-organized attack plans from “al-Qaida” where all they basically have to do is push a button.

Liberals who wanted Bush arrested for listening in on their phone calls congratulate Obama for blowing up American citizens without trial, including two 16-year-old boys, and Conservatives congratulate Obama’s methods while simultaneously claiming the same president who is murdering children using flying robots that shoot missiles into crowded apartment buildings is “soft on terror.”

Other times the FBI just makes people disappear. In 2004, Brandon Mayfield was arrested by the FBI in Portland as a “material witness” and held without bond or any means of communication for 6 weeks despite the fact that a week after he was arrested, a fingerprint analysis from Spanish authorities proved he was not who they were looking for. He was released only when the international press broke the story.

Now let’s compare all these desperate, pathetic, wanna-be losers to the brutally efficient, methodical devastation brought on by the “Knight Templar” Ander Breivik during his one-man war on Norway. Like the 9/11 attacks, and unlike these other attacks, this plan was years in the making. He founded a consumer service company AND a farming company just as partial steps in his overall plan. He went to Prague to try and procure more illegal weapons for his cache. He wrote a 1,500-page manifesto that includes secret codes detailing GPS coordinates of important European sites. That motherfucker was hard core. His bomb was not only real, but it actually went off and blew the fuck out of downtown Oslo, after which he had no problem shipping out to an island and slaughtering 69 innocent teenagers, many of them while looking him in the eye, in what is probably the first modern case of evolutionary selection through politicide. Then the asshole drops his weapon and surrenders knowing the maximum sentence in Norway is 21 years: about 4 months per life taken — even less with good behavior. And while Charles Manson’s massacre effective killed the entire hippie movement, interest in Norweigian nationalism and membership in nationalistic groups soared following the attacks.

The whole goal of stopping liberal multi-culturalism by killing all the teenagers who will grow up to be liberals Terminator-style is insane, but in terms of sheer effectiveness, the guy is a military genius. This dude should be haunting the nightmares of anti-terrorist PATRIOT Act Neo-Cons, but instead many like Pat Buchanan spent more time sympathizing with him than condemning him. The National Review published an article saying, “I’m on the same page as Anders Brevik” (except for the killing part of course). One of the conservatives Anders cited tried to claim the entire slaughter was a self-sacrificing “false flag” operation to “contribute to Sharia’s efforts to suppress criticism and awareness of its agenda.”

Glenn Beck called Brevik a Hitler Youth. Just kidding — that’s what he called the slaughtered teens.

The more recent Batman shooting in which James Holmes killed 12 and injured 58 has again shown that demented white guys seem to be a lot better at raining destruction upon the masses than Islamic zealots. I’m sorry to take away that the adrenaline rush some may get from fearing terrorist attacks “close to home,” such that the government spends tons of money on terrorism defense on every major city as if al-Qaida is just as likely to attack Denver as it is New York or D.C., but it’s far more realistic to be worried about being hit by lightning. And all those lame wanna-be terrorists the FBI have been rounding up combined do not amount to even one Anders Breivik, but he’ll probably be out of prison before them.

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