What is the Mark of Cain?

According to Genesis, Cain killed his brother Abel and so God banished him to wander, but he was also given a mark so that “Anyone who kills Cain will be punished sevenfold” (4:15). His descendant Lamech then boasts to his two wives that just as Cain would be avenged seven times over for any injury, he would be avenged 7×7 times after a young man tried to injure him. What does this mark of vengeance represent?

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The Trump Presidency: Week One

Dr. Seuss drawing

Chaos at the airports. A ban on Muslims. Legal U.S. residents being denied entry. Scientists gagged. One mosque shot up and another one burned to the ground. The FBI and Russia working together to propagate fake news to turn an election (just as the Russians also invented “Climategate” with an illegal hack) even though they wanted to go to war with Russia when Obama was in office. Five top chairs, including the SEC, being filled with Goldman Sachs guys after Cruz and Hillary were accused of being controlled by them. Tax cuts and deregulation for Big Pharma after promising renegotiation of prices. Social Security it back on the chopping block after he promised to save it. His slimeball race-monger propagandist who admittedly follows “Satan” and “darkness” for “power”, yet calls on the “faith militant” to fight against the “children of barbarity”, is being put on the Security Council after talking about advancing the war in the Middle East last November. Giant federal land giveaway. The Mexican president cancelled his meeting with Trump set for next week after Trump attacked him on Twitter. The wall is supposedly going to be paid for by Americans through a 20% tariff on Mexican goods. The guy who was going to cut the entire department maintaining the nukes but couldn’t remember it on his 3-point list is now in control of the nukes. A trillion dollar infrastructure plan that involves big business privatization when the Tea Party who elected him was about stopping any spending back when there was 10% employment. And we’re going to pay for that with a 20% cut on corporate taxes, because you know, Supply Side something something. And every Republican is now for all the things they used to be against because Trump is doing it.


Sigmund Freud said that all of our actions are based on a single event from our past that defined us but that is so deeply repressed we have no memory of it.

I think Trump can be explained by 9/11.

At that point, we were all one. Everyone felt together. We all went to the right, not just because Bush was president but because when a nation is attacked, everyone moves towards right-wing nationalism.

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The Synoptic Problem and Delbert Burkett’s Multi-Source Hypothesis

The Synoptic Problem is a question of how the first three gospels came to be written. It is as if a teacher has been given three reports and it is obvious that the authors cheated off of one another. The two longer reports look like they branch off from the shorter report but there is also material that the longer reports share than the shorter one doesn’t. Most of this common material are sayings, which leads you to believe there was a note being passed around with nothing but quotes on it, but then the teacher also finds a little bit of non-quote material as well, and so figures it must have either been on an earlier version of the short report or had been added the quotes note being passed around. That is the Two Source Hypothesis, the theory that Matthew and Luke both copied from Mark and a lost sayings source, called Q, independently.

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Climate Change Links

Here are some links about Climate Change:

‘The water table is dropping all over the world’: NASA warns we’re on the path to global drought